Combating Psychological Wellness In addition to Getting to be Coronavirus (Covid)-Immune – 3 Compelling Scriptures

If mental properly-currently being is to prosper healthily, maximally and spiritually, notably depression throughout COVID, then our psychological paradigms require adapting to include further amounts of pure psychological silence: awareness which facilitates ailment-free of charge consciousness and purifying transcendence.

Humanity has developed beyond ‘copy n paste’ spiritual belief programs, replaced now with experienced unbiased contemplating — built-in souls operating through spiritually advanced intellects — a level of cosmic consciousness by means of which the coronary heart ‘sees’, intuits [Actuality] beyond falsity.

But, here we should be careful, for, whilst possibly abandoning formal religion — for no matter what explanation — is a private selection, abandoning God is not a selection even if we consider we have jumped ship abandoning God is not possible for the reason of evolution and the countless rules of nature.

Evolution is a God-appointed method — the Transcendent which developed the legal guidelines of character. This Transcendent Energy, by way of the agency of evolution, carries on operating inside of every single of us, guiding unto far more mature perceptions of interior Truth as individual from outer programming. In other terms, notwithstanding ‘decision’ of maybe to depart official faith, God-Pressure, via evolution, unceasingly works In everyone for the reunification of the human soul back again to God — again to Supply AS Spirit Soul. A lot more on evolution further on.

Self-Transcendence – Intuiting The Sacred

Coronavirus has left many intuiting for Sacred Immanence within: self-transcendence in defeating COVID by natural or religious implies. Intuiting signifies divine response to motion, to what we can do virtually regards COVID and psychological overall health.

Far more than ever, emergence of religious leadership-comprehending is named for globally. In this context, at individual level, the Sacred within you needs YOU to produce Pure Thought place in our possess psychological setting therefore develop self-immune consciousness: grow well being-emanating stillness whereby antibodies are swiftly forthcoming in establishing, not only a virus-totally free consciousness going forward, but comprehensive optimistic psychological wellness by organic signifies. To this outcome, self-transcendence just indicates growing earlier mentioned our worldly affairs – and connected consciousness — in meditation.

At useful amount, the change from human awareness unto Sacred consciousness — unto self-transcendence — includes only attuning our mental compass inward toward the realm of transcendental consciousness in meditation.

Setting up transcendental consciousness in the end will emerge victorious in defeating COVID, heralding the spiritual-upkeep strategy to comprehensive psychological / actual physical health in our possess life, and globally going forward.

In developing transcendental consciousness, esoteric scriptures certainly are the reliable implies on developing transcendental consciousness, whereby the born-into animalistic brain common can undergo adjust — alchemy from foundation degree ‘DE-pressed’ consciousness to purpose blissfully or, transcendentally in ‘EX-pressed’ consciousness. Thus, in relieving symptoms of psychological lower power or temper fluctuation, the magic formula lies in the expression of bliss consciousness.

In expanding allow us decode a few pivotal scriptures which have immediate bearing on this sort of issues furthermore resolution of this pandemic by normal self-immune indicates.

Luke 9-fifty eight states:

‘Birds have nests, foxes have holes, but the Son of Guy has nowhere to lie down and rest’.

This intensely coded sentence is clearly not meant for literal area interpretation. Except if these historic phrases are recognized esoterically then their concealed advantage — of constructing psychological overall health and COVID resilience normally – is dropped at functional stage.

‘Birds’ below symbolize Genesis ‘fowl of the air’, they represent lower nature believed patterns: non-soul serving thoughts-sets which have ‘nested’ in the further brain, in the unconscious.

‘Foxes’ symbolize cunningness, divisiveness, selfishness, as a result, not wanting to be uncovered, they hide in safe spots – in fox holes — to deflect detection.

Therefore the ‘birds’ — reduced imagined nature — have created ‘foxholes’ in the further thoughts from in which to propagate negativity and reduced psychological strength.

What is ‘son of man’ in relation to ‘birds’ and ‘foxes’?

Luke 9-fifty seven puts it:

“As they went on their way, a male said to Jesus, I will comply with you wherever you go”.

‘Following’ biblical Jesus means replicating the symbolism for which the title ‘Jesus’ stands, which is, Ideal or Best Soul. In other words, Jesus signifies Excellent Head, the spiritually Enlightened consciousness – the God-given Prospective within each and every of us.

The guy in this scripture is symbolism for ‘son of man’, ‘son’ that means offspring of the mind’s lower character – ‘man’ symbolizing head.

So, as divine status can only know Alone by means of Alone, biblical Jesus is revealing that the male (carnal thoughts) cannot ‘follow’ Jesus, [Enlightened mind] AS ‘son of man’ into the kingdom of wellness, contentment and bliss consciousness, that this sort of reduced state of head is not appropriate with divine consciousness.

‘Son of man’ signifies a unconscious law of reduce brain and its non-non secular dynamic, like ignorance of the supply of psychological / physical overall health and COVID Immunity.

‘Son of man’ is symbolism for have-over programming from earlier lives which conditioning is rooted in duality consciousness, in opposites this sort of as great-undesirable, adore-hate, like-dislike, achievable-unattainable, like damaging or depressive attitudes regards therapeutic, well being and happiness.

With no ability for relating spiritually or lovingly, decrease character in principle recognises only sick-health and negativity as opposed to Immutable Fact — interior healing, compassionate, transformative nicely-being and love-consciousness expression.

Therefore the purpose ‘son of man’ has nowhere to relaxation or lie down is due to the fact it is not feasible to do so: not possible for reduce character to rest concurrently in pure consciousness.

Involution — Evolution in Relation to ‘Son of Man’

Humanity exists in cycles of involution / evolution eternally: Spirit descends – involution –into make a difference, types the bodily entire body marking the starting of ‘evolution’ the process back unto Wholeness. In this context, the human soul at start comes with a non-spiritually designed intellect, plus 5 senses of notion set at animalistic regular. We arrive right here with the initial capacity of enduring in carnal sense consciousness only, the involution degree Via which we evolve and ascend AS higher consciousness.

Outfitted originally in enduring through animalistic normal of perception, we’re born with a non-discerning intellect which interprets ‘reality’ by means of conditioned consciousness. Hence, like caterpillar-butterfly metamorphosis, evolving out of this son of mortal man cocoon unto eternal Son of God consciousness and over and above, is the goal of our daily life on earth. By means of this seemingly not possible carnal/cocoon involution, humans turn out to be reworked from ‘son of man’ unto Angelic Son of God, therefore more soul evolution unto increased states of Spirit consciousness.

From the involution / evolution viewpoint we can see that humans need to also come to earth with a non-fully designed immune technique.

In the context of building self-immunity – of defeating COVID naturally — meditation with no doubt is crucial and crucial.

Ignoring the soul’s yearning for non secular evolution and optimal mental wellness is causal of practically all human mental suffering, suffering which has its genesis in residual continual anxiety and deficiency of increased-self-expression.

Until finally we awaken consciously from this involution slumber, the human soul stays under subconscious regulation, therefore preserving ‘son of man’ common in perpetuity: conditioned intellect with out capacity of non secular discernment, without having Resolute psychological consciousness. As a result, no spot which will give the mind that which intuitively it is looking for, that of eternal bliss-wellness consciousness now.

Meditation and the Immune Program

Tension compromises the immune program, while, meditation — by creating greater ranges of antibodies to react to and avoid prospective viral attack — makes immunity. As a result, by setting up transcendental consciousness and a pressure-free of charge physiology, typical day-to-day meditation releases experienced T-cells, lymphocytes or antibodies from the thymus gland to defend towards international antigen invasion.

Meditation interrupts the cause cycle of mental dis-simplicity and temper fluctuation. In this context, bypassing ‘the transcendent current moment’ in meditation is a expensive mental health oversight.

The reality is, mental properly-being exists presently in as possible bliss-consciousness — only needing infusion into the mind. By dissolving residual subconscious anxiety, meditation expands the mind’s conscious capacity of withstanding ever-deepening bliss-natured silence.

Brain-centring disciplines this kind of as yoga and mantra meditation are priceless in creating psychological balance, mind coherence and capacity of entire focus. Hence, focus is an Final result of meditation and not a necessity for its follow.

Meditation is seated yoga recognized as raja (royal) yoga (unity). In this context, silently inner hearing the sacred sound AUM would be an outstanding seem vibration for mantra meditation and mental stimulation.

Jesus mentioned: Right after Judas (son of guy / decrease-moi) experienced remaining (when the fox grew to become exposed):

“Now God’s glory is uncovered by way of him” Luke 13-31

Biblical translation: when ‘son of man’ common becomes surrendered in meditation, larger mind (‘him’) ascends unto ‘Son of God’ — awakened to the Sacred inside. ‘Son of God’ is a biblical title offered unto souls who, by means of internal meditative indicates, have conquered Goliath – ‘son of man’ in — thereby redemption, salvation or, transcendence of human soul unto transcendental everlasting consciousness.

Thus the Light-weight which rids ‘son of man’ darkness — de-pressed consciousness — readily establishes bliss-mental-overall health-consciousness, to incorporate all-natural immunity to COVID.

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